Russian Nuclear Submarines Are Trolling the East Coast

It's like a real life 'Red Dawn' remake.

Maybe they’re getting in line early for the premiere of the Red Dawn remake. Or perhaps they’re planning some sort of surprise victory parade for newly reelected President Barack Obama. It’s possible that they got lost on their way to Bermuda, where they were looking for a respite from the cold winters in Moscow. Whatever the reason, the Russians have been hanging out in nuclear submarines along the East Coast, just outside of United States waters, and it’s making the U.S. military a little bit nervous.

Earlier this week, news of a Russian nuclear attack sub trolling the waters about 275 miles off the coast of the Carolinas and Georgia leaked to the press, uncovering a story that would be more at home in the Cold War than 2012. The Sierra-2 submarine is one of Russia’s newer ships, and with a titanium hull and the capability of transporting nuclear warheads, it’s a serious war machine. This latest sighting comes just a couple of months after reports of a Russian Akula-class submarine patrolling the Gulf of Mexico, though that encounter was not confirmed by the military like this latest one was. It’s unclear if a Sean Connery was at the helm of any of these subs.

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