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Danzig Is Suing Jerry Only for Some of that Sweet Hot Topic Money

Too much Horror Business, not enough Horror Profiting.

by Dan Ozzi
May 6 2014, 2:00pm

We recently rounded up some of the tacky crap the Misfits have been slapping their logo on. Well, turns out Danzig isn’t making a dime off of said tacky crap and isn’t happy about it.

The folks at RE-TOX have tipped us off to a lawsuit filed by Danzig on April 3 against Jerry Only which states that by licensing the band’s logo to companies like Hot Topic, Only is violating a 1994 agreement which states that Danzig and Only would use the logo only with each other’s written consent.

Danzig is seeking however much money he is owed from the sales of the merchandising deals, plus interest. And in true Danzig fashion, there is a wonderful dig at Jerry Only (aka Jerry Caiafa) in Section 9 of the document: “After forming the band, Danzig replaced the original bass player with Caiafa, whose primary qualification was that he had recently received a bass guitar for Christmas.” You can almost hear Danzig telling his lawyer, “Put that in there, the part about me only letting him in because he got a bass for Christmas. Put it in!”

Now, we’re no lawyers, but we do watch Judge Judy every afternoon in our underwear and we can say this sounds like a pretty strong case. Don't you think so, Burt? [Burt nods in agreement] That's what we thought. We rest our, case closed. Two yoots... Ipso Facto... Exhibit A... OK, that's all the law talk we know.

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