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Insult to Injury: Week Ending 11/15 with Papa

Here's what the Noisey editors (and also the LA band, PAPA) were listening to this week while they were busy telling you what to listen to.
November 15, 2013, 10:29pm

Welcome to Insult to Injury, where every week, the Noisey editors take a minute out of their jet-setting lifestyle (read: wearing sweatpants in the office) to compile what we've been listening to. This week, we made LA band PAPA fill out an OkCupid questionnaire for our column This Modern Love. They were really good sports and told us all about how they love to hang around and watch 'Friends' and think about their feelings. They also shared with us what they were listening to this week.

The The - “This Is The Day”

I set it as my alarm a week ago. It is the quickest way to kill a song, but each morning I’ve listened to the whole thing. I really, really like that it’s pretty much the same for the whole song, but I don’t get sick of it and I don’t know why.

Danny Presant (bass), PAPA

LCD Soundsystem - “All I Want”

It’s pretty much the most blatant rip off of a Brian Eno song that I’ve ever heard in my life and I love Eno so any more of that I can get, I’m happy. Even though I’m not a huge fan of LCD Soundsytem—they never reinvented anything with their music, or their recordings—but they took cool elements of different things. What makes their songs so powerful is his lyrics: he’s able to make them so contemporary without being contemporary in a cheesy way. He talks about things that are perennial, but makes them for now. The song is beautiful, the music sounds just like Brian Eno and the words are hitting me right now.

Darren Weiss (singer/drummer), PAPA

Chela - "Romanticize"

I am not kidding when I say, today I've listened to this song 17 times. It's a couple months old, by a girl called Chela from Melbourne, and this song is sounds like Lykke Li if she stopped wearing black and being all cut up about boys and just went out and danced with her bitches for three days straight. It is pure pop and I'm currently fighting the urge to jump up and throwdown all over Noisey's communal worktop. Which means I just look like I need to pee. Actually I do need to pee. Bye.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor
Kim on Noisey | Kim on Twitter

Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye

Fuck, I'm tired.

Last weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest

was insanity, but if I had any sense of adventure (and a case of Red Bull and/or… other stuff) then I'd be at

Not Dead Yet

in Toronto. The annual round up features some of the greatest names in underground punk, including LGBT-friendly greats Limp Wrist, the reunited Circle Takes The Square, Impalers, Criaturas (who played

our FFF after-show

), Mind Eraser and the ever-elusive

Iron Age


Iron Age came out of retirement at Fun Fun Fun Fest for a show with Cro-Mags, trotting out their mix of Holy-Terror-isms, thrash, and Celtic Frost-worship to a blood-thirsty crowd. They ripped, and proved their status as one of the most unappreciated bands in hardcore and the progenitors to another amazing hardcore-flavored band, Power Trip. Their presence is sorely missed, but hopefully this rare appearance will get the fire going again.

Fred Pessaro, Noisey, Editor-in-Chief
Fred on Noisey | Fred on Twitter

YG - "Toot It and Boot It"

I fell on my way to work this morning on Berry St. in front of a moving car because I was laughing at a Seinfeld 2000 joke and tripped over my foot. I chipped my phone and my hand landed on a lit cigarette. Obviously shaken, I tried to regain composure with people walking behind me still fucking making gasping noises. Then I was like, 'This week fucking sucks." But really, it didn't because I saw Ty Dolla $ign live at Knitting Factory and it was a super sexual show and I smoked a random's G-Pen which is gross. But, watching Ty dance on stage to "Toot It and Boot It" was life changing, and I haven't stop listening to the song since—which also happened when it came out three years ago—but something about listening to that chorus of YG and Ty singing "Whoaaaaaaa" at different octaves made the aftermath of my fall okay. So, toot it and boot it tonight, my friends.

Lauren Nostro, Guest editor
Lauren on Noisey | Lauren on Twitter


There is some weird and wonderful shit on the internet, but no thing is probably weirder and wonderful-er than @Seinfeld2000

, which is a Twitter account that imagens what Seinfeld would be like if it hadn't gotten canceled by NBC due to low ratings. In the world of @Seinfeld2000, Jary is a sex addict who has had sex with tens of thousands of women, Elane works at BuzzFeed Books, Garge is a serial killer, "President" Bary Hussein Obame is Kenyan, and Krame does parkour, wears drop-crotch pants, and has a single gray dreadlock. This is all available in @Seinfeld2000's book

, which is legitimately the greatest work of post-modarn fiction ever. Someone who is not @Seinfeld2000 made the above song about @Seinfeld2000, based on "Imagine" by John Lennon, and it's the best thing ever of all time. It is titled, obviously enough, "Imagen."

Drew Millard, Features Editor
Drew on Noisey | Drew on Twitter

Mutoid Man - "Scavengers"
I bro-ed down with Stephen Brodsky of Cave In to talk about his new band with Ben Koller of Converge called Mutoid Man. We premiered a song and yes, it is great, and yes my interview will probably win several journalism awards. So yeah, definitely listen to/read it. But if you really wanna see everything you need to know about this band, watch the first 3 minutes of this show. It’s the only show they’ve ever played. Holy fuckity tit-balls. If you can’t get behind that, you are dead to me. Sorry not sorry, internet person.

Dan Ozzi, Contributing Editor
Dan on Noisey | Dan on Twitter

Roc Marciano — "The Pimpire Strikes Back"

It was cold as fuck this past week, so it's appropriate we have a new Roc Marciano tape. His music—unashamedly old-school, aggressive yet laid-back—is the perfect soundtrack for the biting cold. The cluttering beats feel like a cold rock pressed against your cheek. Roc Marciano weather. The tape is the perfect follow-up to last year's


, which was one of my favorite albums of 2012. I know, I know, last week I used this space to talk about country music. But whatever. I'm just here to confuse our readership.

Eric Sundermann, Assistant Editor

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