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Beatking's "Rambunctious" Featuring Riff Raff and Danny Brown Will Make You Get in a Fight

Turn that game of touch football to tackle, real quick.

by Ezra Marcus
Sep 9 2014, 2:18pm

To this day none of my friends will wrestle with me because I play too rough. When limbs start flailing I see red and go inexpertly ham. It was worse when I was a kid: I can’t tell you how many playdates ended with someone lying on the ground crying in pain from a misplaced elbow while I nervously explained myself to a concerned parent. It wasn’t my fault, we were just roughhousing, it was an accident, haha, right dude?

Beatking will definitely wrestle with me. The boisterous Houston MC is built like a linebacker, with a basso profundo Southern drawl like a right hook. On “Rambunctious”, he teams up with Danny Brown and Riff Raff on a track that’s equally suitable for strip clubs, parking lot brawls, and after-school programs for problematic ADHD kids. Yes, that hype. This is America's holy trinity of high-energy weirdoes going the fuck in over production that sounds like a devilish abstraction of Dutch hardcore rave. No one's "tip toe wing" around in any Jordans here: they're kicking you in the head and stealing your lunch money. Parents, watch out: "Rambunctious" will turn that game of touch football to tackle, real quick. This is bloody-nose-in-the-ball-pit music.

Our premiere of "Rambunctious" marks the first release from Beatking's upcoming joint project with the legendary Gangsta Boo, Underground Cassette Tape Music, out September 30. Stream his recent Gangsta Stripper Music 2 mixtape here, and don't sleep on his crucial guide to strip club etiquette.

Challenge Ezra to wrestle on Twitter—@ezra_marc

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