Dance to the Beat of Human Hatred in Fat White Family's "Tinfoil Deathstar" Video

Plus, a reminder to never pick the spots on your face again!
May 23, 2016, 9:41am

Earlier this year, Lias from Fat White Family took us to London's Hunterian museum. As we walked through the building's collection of mummified noses, jellied tongues, and exquisitely preserved placentas, we spoke about history: from the band's past, to the backstory of the world, which is just as important. Given that the group's last album was called Champagne Holocaust, their new record Songs for Our Mothers features a song about Hitler, and they've been asked about it in almost every interview, it's been well ascertained that Fat White Family have a particular historical focus on the time around the two World Wars. Why so?

“The fact you’ve got Trump on the telly going on about Mexicans being rapists and everyone voting for him… well, y’know, the whole 'Fourth Reich' thing doesn’t seem like that mad of an idea, really,” Saoudi told us in our interview, explaining the group’s references to World War 2, while simultaneously pointing out the dangers of putting the most famous toupee-wearing man in charge of America. The fact that a man called Trump is edging closer to becoming the President of the United States is a scary thought, and it's one you imagine Fat White Family are hinting at in their latest video for "Tinfoil Deathstar."

While the track itself is predominantly about drug addiction and Britain's welfare system, the video (which is directed by Chris Grismer) opens with what looks to be a reference to a dictatorship propaganda film, and more specifically some of the famous shots from Leni Riefenstahl's nazi films. After that, we see the band afflicted with a skin condition that makes us scared to ever think about picking the spots on the bridge of our nose ever again. It's all set to the sound of warped, dark undertoned disco, which fits the idea that the group's recent album Songs For Our Mothers is an invititation to "dance to the beat of human hatred".

"Tinfoil Deathstar" comes ahead of the announcement that the Black Lips will be supporting Fat White Family at their Brixton Academy show on September 17. Obviously, with those two bands in the same building, it is bound to be a jamboree you cannot miss. Read a statement from the band about that show and watch the video for "Tinfoil Deathstar" below.

"It is with joyous remorse we would like to announce a very special performance at Brixton Academy September 17th, for sweet mother Brixton is on the road to well dressed irrelevance, just another open casket in a city bent on deathly formalities. Nostalgia is no substitute for community and dialogue; that being said, if we cannot prove a good example, let us be the sad reminder. WE SHALL ALL BE CLEANSED."

Tickets for the band's Brixton show are available [here.]( family-tickets/226339)