Fetty Wap Just Dropped a Classic Rags to Riches Banger with “My Environment”

The Trap King drought is well and truly over.
April 20, 2016, 10:48amUpdated on April 21, 2016, 4:19pm

Photo by Jorge Solorzano for Live Nation TV

Where the hell has Fetty Wap been these past few months? Well, if his Instagram is anything to go by, he’s been engaging in some serious leisure time; going quad biking with his boys, eating cherry pie with his girl, and chilling with his dog in front of the fire. But now it seems the Trap King drought is truly over and he’s back to business, because last night he dropped three fresh new bangers: “Westside (ft. Snoop Dogg),” “Queen of the Zoo,” and “My Environment.”

Unfortunately, he promptly deleted two of them, and “My Environment” remains the only one we can listen to right now. Luckily, it’s too good for anyone to care. In it, Fetty Wap ditches the melodic auto-tune in favour of some straight-up rapping, where he delivers a classic rags-to-riches story about making it against the odds. “Everyday the only mission, gotta stack the green, a couple million for my children, gotta get the cream, I turned a thousand to a million, started with a dream,” he raps, channelling Tupac over a minimal, skeletal beat .

Listen to the whole thing below: