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Screw Aging, Keep Boxing! Here's Astropol's Video for "Make Love Stay"

Pete (of Peter, Bjorn and John), Bebban (Shout Out Louds), and Smash have teamed up to make music that attempts to make some sense of this mad world.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jan 14 2016, 1:44pm

"You can make love leave but you can't make love stay," sing Astropol over canned beats and shoegaze guitars. Ain't that the truth. The trio—comprised of Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn and John), Bebban Stenborg (Shout Out Louds), and Smash—released their debut record last month (the vinyl comes out this Friday) and below is the premiere of the video for their latest single "Make Love Stay." Sonically it's a fuzzed up, brown sugar-dusted slice of lo-fi Scandi-pop. Visually, well, it features a bunch of elderly folks sparring in a boxing club.

The band had this to say about their musical endeavor: “One of the main intentions behind our entire album was to somehow inspire courage in times of change.

"‘Make Love Stay’ is the most upbeat song we’ve written so far, but it’s all about emotions like fear of change, and the alternatingly unsettling and comforting fact that the world still turns no matter what we struggle with.

"People, particularly women, are constantly bombarded with reasons to worry about ageing, and it's the strangest thing how difficult it is to defend yourself against it even though we all know it's a 100 percent sure losing battle. So when we heard about this elderly boxing crew called the Grey Panthers who meet once a week to lovingly beat each other up we thought we’d give them this humble shout out as a thank you for making ageism look so outdated."

Hell yes! Go Grey Panthers! Watch it all unfold below.

Directed by: Bell & Light / DoP: Roy Rossovich / Special thanks to Narva Boxing and the Grey Panthers

Astropol's debut album, The Spin We’re In, is out now digitally and out on vinyl this Friday.