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The Dudes from 5 Seconds of Summer Are Gettin' Laid

Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of the newest issue of 'Rolling Stone.' And dang, their lives sound awesome.

by Kyle Kramer
Dec 26 2015, 7:17pm

Rolling Stone cover via Rolling Stone

Australian pop-punk band (do not call them a boy band is one of the takeaways of the story) 5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone. And dang, their lives sound awesome. The story opens with the whole group asleep the morning after a party in the $100 million Bel Air mansion their label's been renting for them, and it pretty much continues to paint them as the biggest rock stars in the world. Which, hell, they might be! 5SOS are super famous! And they are loving it. Partly because, hell yeah, sex. The Rolling Stone story, written by Patrick Doyle, explains:

They were wildest on their early tours, when they'd go to bars to mingle with fans after shows. "When you put four young dudes on a tour bus, playing theaters, then arenas, you're going to have sex with a lot of girls, I guess," says Hemmings. "We had a good time." Multiple girls in one night? "I feel like I shouldn't say," he says with a smirk. "You could say the possibility of that is high." Multiple girls at the same time? "The possibility is high," he says again. He cracks a devilish grin. "The possibilities are endless."

"I had all this attention from all these girls that would have never liked me in school, coming up to me and saying things, handing me numbers," says Hood. "It was like, 'Holy shit, fuck yeah!' I got a bit reckless."

There's plenty more about the band's partying and camaraderie, and it's actually a pretty fascinating story about how a group that grew up idolizing Good Charlotte as teens in Australia and playing tiny shows became a pop juggernaut over YouTube and heirs to the One Direction throne (in part courtesy of One Direction, along with an aggressive social media strategy). If you've ever wondered what your favorite late 90s and early 00s pop-punk idols—the dude from Goldfinger, the dude from Sum41, the dude from All Time Low, the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte—are up to, the answer is: writing and producing for 5SOS. They are the super famous endpoint that the pop-punk battles of the early 00s were fought for. Among the people helping the group is also Chad Kroeger, of Nickelback, about whom they had this to say:

"I think Australians are just naturally addicted to cock rock," says Hood. "Because I fuckin' love it." The band even did a co-writing session with Chad Kroeger recently, but it didn't work out. "It was just a fucking Nickelback song," says Irwin.

The band loves talking about Kroeger. "He ordered 12 chicken strips and a Caesar salad," says Irwin. "It was so funny, man." Hood drops his voice an octave to imitate Kroeger: "He was like, 'Fuck. I'm so unhealthy. I order this every day.'"

"At the end of the day, he was like, 'Shit, I feel stressed,'" says Irwin. "He's like, 'You guys ever look up shit on the Internet?' We're like, 'What type of shit?' He's like, 'Girl stuff, like, hot girls dancing.' So he goes on YouTube and writes 'hot chicks dancing' in the search. And we sat there watching hot chicks dancing. It was such a creepy dad-on-the-Internet move."

"Like a dad trying to find porn," says Clifford, mock-typing, " '!'"

"That was definitely me when I was younger – free porn," says Hood. "I don't want none of that subscription shit. I want the free stuff."

"You guys ever Google-Image 'boobs'?" says Clifford. "When I was 11, I used to take off 'safe search' in Google Images. Oh, man, this isn't helping the article at all, is it?"

If you can ever get the image of Chad Kroeger searching "hot chicks dancing" out of your head, or, alternately, stop laughing at that image, check out the rest of the Rolling Stone cover story, which, once again, despite what you may assume about 5SOS, is one hell of a band profile. Read the full thing here, and remember, the possibilities are endless...

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