This Video Has Exposed the Shocking Truth that All Metalcore Songs Sound the Same

Prepare to be AMAZED, music fans.

May 13 2015, 8:54pm

Have you ever noticed—and this is a groundbreaking musical discovery here—that all metalcore songs might be slightly formulaic? Just slightly. Like, maybe a band will put out an album with a bunch of tracks that can more accurately be described as "series of breakdowns" rather than songs. Weird, right? Some videos have come close to unveiling what's going on, but no one has shown some solid evidence we can all look at. Well, popular YouTuber Jarrod Alonge (you know, the guy behind those videos about pop punk bro singer mannerisms you love so much) pulled back the curtain on the well-kept secret of modern metalcore being one big mish-mash of the same shit. Be amazed as three or four breakdowns from August Burns Red and Asking Alexandria flow super seamlessly from one to the next! Watch as singy choruses from Alesana and Sleeping With Sirens both feature the same whiney, angsty vocals from one to the next.

Check out the track below, and pray that Jarrod Alonge won't get sued by Ronnie and the Radkes. Kudos to him for bravely uncovering the truth.