PREMIERE: BOYTOY Cry Blood and Pull Dollar Bills Out Their Asses in the Video for 'Postal'

Get grossed out by the Brooklyn trio just in time for Halloween.

by Jordan DeBor
Oct 26 2015, 2:01pm

Just in time for the most sacred and holy night of the year (Halloween, duh), “slash-and-burn” Brooklyn trio BOYTOY debut their insanely creepy music video for “Postal,” the single off their new record Grackle.

Directed by Addison Post, the video dives into a world of hyper-pastel graphics featuring burning wieners, dirty sanchez’s, and creative uses for condiments. The band—fronted by guitarists Saara Untracht-Oakner and Glenn Van Dyke—described the concept of the video as trying to capture “that feeling when somebody's driving you crazy.” And indeed, there is a kind of Son of Sam reactionary aggression going on here.

Quite different from the band’s last music video for hyper-chill track “blazed” off their self-titled EP, “Postal” smacks with a pent-up fury that sophomore records rarely display. It’s experimental and disturbing with just the right amount of tongue nailed to the inside of your cheek. Check it out below and purchase Grackle here from Papercup.