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Let Doe Paoro's Video for "Walking Backwards" Bewitch You

Music that will abracadabra away expense reports and drunk idiots on my stoop.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
May 2 2014, 3:31pm

I'm a big fan of artists who are able to transport you to another world. I want a musician to make me forget about overdue expense reports and the dishes in the sink. I want music and its accompanying visuals to abracadabra away the drunk idiots on my stoop. Make them dissolve to nothing!

Brooklyn-based singer Doe Paoro understands this and she's been serving up music/video combos capable of vamoosing you to an alternate dimension for several years now. I first became aware of her thanks to this 2012 video for the twisted bluesy-R&B track "Born Whole," in which the singer blindly gropes her way through life via a dirty rope. And last year Team Noisey was similarly captivated by her video for "New Lows."

Above is the premiere for Paoro's latest video for new song "Walking Backwards." Here she combines parsed back electronics—which build to a cathartic climax—and soul-steeped R&B. In some ways it's her most traditional vocal performance to date. Meanwhile the largely monochrome visuals find Paoro standing stoic among swirling wraiths.

She weaves her spells so well.

Doe Paoro's newly released EP, Ink on the Walls, is out now.

Kim is Noisey's style editor and she's on Twitter - @theKTB.