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Lena Fayre's "Do You Like That?" Is a Dark and Twisted Kind of Pop

Eighteen years old and freakishly talented: Here's the first track off her new forthcoming EP.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
May 20 2015, 2:00pm

Lena Fayre's had a pretty bananas year so far: in the past few months she's released two videos—the moody, Lana-esque "This World" and the synthy-Lorde-like-slink of "Everybody's In"—and together these promos have clocked in over three quarters of a million views. She's still only 18, but this isn't even her first bout of buzz: back in 2013 her more straight ahead piano balladry, in the form of "Belong to You," also hit a resonant chord.

It feels like this year the half-Dutch, LA-born singer is moving into a new stage of her nascent career, co-writing and producing her forthcoming five-track EP, Is There Only One? with Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart).
Is There Only One? Ep cover art.

Below is the premiere for "Do You Like That?"—the first song lifted from said EP—and one that swirls with a dark, twitchy kind sensuality that belies her years. Liquid beats and stirring strings to close it all out, but Fayre's unerringly confident vocals are the track's most arresting feature, sure to find favor with fans of Banks.

Here's what Fayre had to say about the song:
"I wish I could say that she is the other woman, but in fact I am. What you see on the EP cover is a real Instagram photo of the real girl taken by the real boy who inspired this collection of music. She isn't me; I will never be her. Obsession, possession, denial, heartbreak landed me in a position to write and express my way through a difficult situation. He chose her. The songs of Is There Only One? reflect my state of mind as I processed, questioned, and eventually found peace with such a visceral experience with rejection. This led me to think about the structure of relationships, attachment, and how the modern romance is diluted or enhanced by social media. Sometimes the things we do in the name of lust or love forsake reason and logic. We have the most hope despite our knowledge. I had the most hope.”

Take that in and listen.

Is There Only One? is out on 7.24

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