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Stream Kitty's New Track "Drink Tickets" and Celebrate the Highest Form of Currency for Kids in Their 20s

The single comes from the annual Adult Swim Singles series.

by Eric Sundermann
Jun 22 2015, 2:06pm

After delivering a surprisingly great EP this past fall called Frostbite, Kitty (minus the Pryde) continues to show off her growth as a musician. Here she's premiering "Drink Tickets," her song as part of the annual Adult Swim Singles series, and it's basically about how she can hook you up with drink tickets, which, let's be real, are the highest form of currency when you are in your 20s. She also flexes sonically, embracing and showing off her range as a pop artist. She raps, yes (and does it well), but it's her airy vocals floating on top of trancy beats that really shine. The track was produced by Pat Lukens, who also handled production for Kitty's "BRB" and "Brush Me Off." Give "Drink Tickets" a listen below. You'll run it back.

After you do that, take a moment to remember that time Kitty interviewed Andy Milonakis about his rap songs with Chief Keef. It's 2015, everyone. What a time to be alive.