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Anderson .Paak Performed "Come Down" and Proved He's a Star at the BET Awards Last Night

Nobody ever looks like they're having fun performing at awards shows, but Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals were jamming like they were an hour into the best set of their lives.

by Kyle Kramer
Jun 27 2016, 2:25pm

Screenshot via BET

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Anderson .Paak is a star in the making. He can rap. He can sing. He can play the ever-living shit out of the drums. He has the range. And last night, on national television, in front of a live audience of some of the biggest names in music, he proved it. Nobody ever looks like they're having fun performing at awards shows—usually it's more about making some kind of grand gesture—but Anderson .Paak and his band the Free Nationals played like they were an hour into a set at the Blue Note and were ready to ride that groove for another hour. They were jamming. They were smiling. They were in the zone.

The audience dug it—watch for the shots of .Paak's pals The Internet and Sonyae Elise getting down—and the viewers at home did as well; the name Anderson .Paak was trending on Twitter last night. It was a star-making performance. Anderson .Paak saw the opportunity and he took it. Hell yeah. Watch him perform "Come Down" below:

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