Green Elder Offers Gorgeous Appalachian Folk on a New Split with Pensive Ceremony

Get lost in the haunting strings and wild spirit on their side of this new split album.
August 8, 2016, 8:31pm

Green Elder is the solo project of one Paul Ravenwood, who you may know better as the driving force behind Appalachian black metal outfit Twilight Fauna. This newer project sees Ravenwood pick up the ol' acoustic (as well as field recordings and a number of traditional Appalachian instruments like fiddle and banjo besides) to record a handful of quiet, introspective odes to mountain living. The result is a sweet, soothing breath of neofolk, with an earnest emphasis on the "folk" and hints of true wilderness seeping through. We're streaming its three songs below.

Green Elder's side of the split is all rolling thunder and summer rain, while Pensive Ceremony—who reveal precious little about themselves online—perfectly complements Side A with their own lush, acoustic neofolk harmonies. It's a beautiful release overall, one that's better listened to than described.

The split is officially out August 11, and preorders are live now; a few of the physical options are already sold out, so don't sleep on this one!

Kim Kelly is dreaming of pine trees on Twitter.