Feel Nature Wither Around You with Panopticon's New Album "Autumn Eternal"

Tradition and heaviness in tandem.
October 16, 2015, 2:04pm

For years, Austin Lunn of Panopticon has been mastering the craft of intertwining the beauty, sorrow, and legacy of American bluegrass with black metal. Today, Panopticon releases the new album Autumn Eternal, another step forward in mixing an art form native to America and black metal. From the opening chords of "Into The North Woods," you're driven on a journey filled with every color of the emotional spectrum. In a single song he can make a track feel full of sadness and regret, turned into personal triumph and truth.

His musicianship is better than ever, adding excellent moments of breath and space in songs like "Oaks Ablaze." Panopticon is the model example of what American black metal can accomplish, and the legacy it can embody.

Stream the record, and pick up your copy via Bindrune in the US, and Nordvis for the EU.