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Radkey Are a Little Older but Just as Rad on Their New Song "Parade It"

The teen garage rock sensations are growing up past their age being a novelty, and their music is only getting better.

by Zachary Lipez
Mar 30 2015, 3:40pm

Photo by Andy Hughes, courtesy of Radkey

Watching the ascension of Radkey has been an undiluted joy to behold. Three brothers (Isaiah Radke, Solomon Radke, and Dee Radke) from the Show Me State (that's Missouri) have been showing jaded twerps such as myself exactly what the fuck was what since their formation in 2010 and first show in 2011, opening up for Fishbone. They put out two albums reminiscent of good Danzig before any of them could vote, and they continue to write songs catchy enough for some romanticized rock radio that maybe never existed and tight enough to break a finger off inside. Their website, in the tradition of boy bands like The Animals and The Rolling Stones, lists each individual member's likes and dislikes. Adrian Grenier correctly loves them. Their dad (Matt Radke) drives them from town to town. In a perfect world, they’d solve crimes.

Now Radkey is finally at the age when writers have to stop being condescending about their youth—17, 19, and 21, respectively. They are officially at the age of “young but not novel young fuckers in rock band,” and therefore the stakes are high as hell.

Judging by their new music, however, the band seems more than prepared for the new chapter. Isaiah, the middle brother and bass player, says of the new track, “Parade It,” which Noisey is stoked to premiere: “'Parade It' is the perfect look into the vibe of our new record. We've been out touring as a band for close to five years now, and our music has grown and become a lot more mature. As three young men with a ton of quests under our belts, we finally have songs that are a bit more personal as opposed to, ya know, all about 'murdering shit.' (That vibe still has a place on this record though. Not totally bored of that yet). Rock song. Period.”

“Parade It” is off the forthcoming Radkey debut album that will be out this summer. It was recorded with Ross Orton at McCall Sound Studios in Sheffield, England. Radkey will be releasing a limited edition seven-inch (pressing of 500) of the track with a live version of their track “Red Letter” on the B-side, tentatively scheduled for May. Listen and find European festival dates below:

Upcoming Radkey shows:

Coachella: April 11 and April 18
Pukkelpop: August 21
Reading: August 29
​Leeds: August 30

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