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Here's Gaggle's Video "Make Love Not War" Featuring Bill Hicks

Please note: this video features hula-hooping (cartoon) penises, and some real squirters. Yeah you read that right.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Feb 27 2015, 2:32pm

Hello! It’s Friday, and what does this Friday need? A sick tune from 20-strong art-pop girl crew Gaggle and a video which features Bill Hicks, hula-hooping (cartoon) penises, and some real squirters. Yeah you read that right. The London-based gang are known for their exhuberant live shows and music which hinges on their voices soaring in glorious unison. Sometimes they dress like they're from the future but they're reinterpreting a Renaissance fair. In downtown Istanbul. It's pretty nuts.

"Make Love Not War" is a celebratory slice of disco-tised post-punk—like Bow Wow Wow meets the Happy Mondays. WARNING: if you are hungover, the opening sequence with all the rapidly moving splodges running over that finale scene in Dirty Dancing will probably make you feel a bit queasy.

"'Make Love Not War' was written as the climax of our reworking of the Ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata—where the title character stops a war by blocking the banks and with a sex strike," explains Deborah Coughlin, Gaggle's ringleader. "We thought Lysistrata was an incredibly timely story with Occupy and recent sex strikes in Togo, South Sudan and Liberia. We included the Bill Hicks quote because he sums in a matter of seconds a utopian view of how life could be."

In the week running up to International Women’s Day (3.2-3.8) Coughlin will be the artist in residence at Fig2 at the ICA Studio in London and she's calling the whole thing Yap! Yap! Yap! Gaggle will perform on the opening night, so if you happen to be in London, don't miss it. Of her residency Coughlin says it's "like the Vagina Monologues, only not just about fannies.” (Fannies is Britspeak for vaginas btw.) For more infor on the project and all the special guests click here.

Gaggle's Make Love Not War EP drops 3.16.