Check Out Beastmilk's "Death Reflects Us" Video

Black Metal Turned Goth Death-Rock Dance Party? Yep

Nov 12 2013, 10:31pm

You know that thing where all of your homies go to a show, you are forced to miss it and of course it was "THE BEST SHOW EVER, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?" Well as someone who goes to around four or five shows a week that rarely, if ever, happens. But one appearance that did slip away was Finland's Beastmilk, a gothic post-punk/death-rock foursome who played the US in June. Featuring Kvohst of Code/Dodheimsgard/Hexvessel infamy, the band's Christian Death/Killing Joke influence is strong on the new track "Death Reflects Us," the album opener from their forthcoming Climax LP. Check that out above for the first time, and look for the LP via Svart in the EU and Magic Bullet in the US on 11/29.