Sammy Harkham and Jonny Negron are (Briefly) Touring America

Dumb bands go on tours all the time. What happens two cartoonists try it out? These dudes are going to find out. We're considering following them like Phish.

Bands go on tour all the time. Who cares. But what about cartoonists? What if they ascended from their parents' dingy basements (where all cartoonists live), got in a sweaty van, and drove around like your favorite dipshit rockstars do? It’d be pretty cool. Cartoonists Sammy Harkham and Jonny Negron have bucked tradition by living in their own apartments, and they've also decided to get in the proverbial van and drive across America. Starting tomorrow at Desert Island in Brooklyn, they will hit the road, seeing such wonderful places as Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Los Angeles again, and Bethesda, Maryland. 

Sammy Harkham draws sad and beautiful stories about love, youth, suburbia, pirates, and Judaism in a slow, Daniel Clowes-sort of style. His new collection of work, Everything Together, will be released by Picturebox this October. His tour mate, Jonny Negron, draws big-breasted women eating greasy food who look like they should have been drawn in Japan in 1984. He also has a book coming out in October with Picturebox, hence the touring. 

We love them both a lot and think you will too. Go support them when/if they come to your town.

Tour Dates:

Sept. 13: Desert Island, Brooklyn

Sept. 14-15: SPX, Bethesda, MD

Oct. 5: Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles*

Oct. 11: Skylight Books, Los Angeles **

Oct. 12: Mission Comics and Art, San Francisco*

Oct. 19: Floating World, Portland, OR

Oct. 24: DOMY, Austin

*Jonny Negron only

**Sammy Harkham only