When Christy Karacas stopped responding to our emails about the Superjail fanart contest a couple months back, the natural assumption was that he was either A) wandering in a fugue state somewhere in the geographical state of Maine or New Hampshire, or B) crafting an elaborate award ceremony for the blog with different categories and sub-categories and an animated floor show with tons of scripted "off the cuff" comments and moments.

Based on the message we just got from him, we're looking forward to at least several boxes of maple candy.

sorry for the huge ass delay on this!
it think the winner is lala (twins)

with an honorable mention to: john malta mystery meat monster,

and kudos to everyone for such lovely artwork!

we're hard at work writing season 2 which is shaping up nicely and hoping to start production in july/august so get ready for new episodes next year!

Congrats, Lala, and here's the rest of the entries in a big pile for you.

John Malta

Devon Mcafarlan

Drew Price

Harold Weatherton

Cole Paluck

Nathan Bulmer

Paul Lyon

Matt Li

Joseph Rice

Joseph Rice

Joseph Rice

Wok The Rock