Photos of the Hundreds of People Who Lined Up Overnight to Buy the New Supreme Collection

Collectors made pilgrimages to London from all over the UK and Europe to get their hands on Supreme's new collection.

This morning, Supreme London dropped the first items from its SS/16 collection. As is customary, fans, collectors, and re-sellers made pilgrimages from all over the UK and Europe to get their hands on clothes and caps from the new season, with some camping out since 9 AM yesterday morning.

The Morrissey T-shirt—the one that caused all the drama, with Morrissey trying to pull out because he didn't like any of the photos taken of him for it, before claiming he had to sever ties because he's a vegetarian and Supreme once collaborated with burger chain White Castle—is what most people up in the front were after. A couple have already appeared on eBay, bumped up to £100 [about $145] a shirt.

Here, have a look at these photos of everyone lined up outside the Soho store, the abandoned chairs people spent the night on, and the first couple of buyers who made it in and out.