Season 2 Trailer

'Tattoo Age' is back. We traveled to London and Osaka and even all the way to stinky Manhattan to interview three talented tattooers, including old master Thom deVita, who was working in New York City back when tattooing was illegal in all five...

Tattoo Age is back. In Season Two we'll be featuring three vastly different artists from all ends of the tattoo spectrum, and the world, for that matter. First up, on September 12, we have Valerie Vargas, who lives and works in London and is widely know for doing the most beautiful "lady head" tattoos around. Then on October 10 we have Mutsuo, a tattooer from Osaka, Japan, who learned from the great American artists who traveled to the shop where he worked in the early 00s. Mutsuo is known for his ability to flawlessly tattoo in just about any style. The season finale, on November 10, will feature Thom deVita, who started tattooing in New York City in the 60s, when tattooing was illegal in all five boroughs. Thom synthesized his environment into his tattoos and created quite possibly the most uniques style of all time.