The Best of VICE on YouTube

We created a playlist of the 30 best videos from across our YouTube network. The choicest documentaries and music videos from VICE, Noisey, Motherboard, Creators Project, and THUMP are all here so that you have an excuse to not talk to your parents...

It's been a crazy year for VICE. Our HBO show was nominated for an Emmy, Ad Age called us the Publishing Company of the Year, and our YouTube channel hit almost 4 million subscribers. As a great man once said, "that shit's cray."

To celebrate 2013—and to give you something to do while sneaking sips of whisky and avoiding your family during Christmas—we've compiled the 30 best videos we released across our YouTube network for your viewing pleasure. 3D-printed guns, Soylent, West African truckers, and paintballing with Tyler, the Creator; it's all there.

We'd say, "you're welcome," but we'd rather say, "thank you." Thank you for making 2013 our favorite year since, like, forever.