The Crom Documentary Is Finally Coming Out

We have no idea how these people are still alive.

On the other hand, sometimes when you leave a band to their own devices, it ends up going way worse than you could ever possibly imagine. Crom is a human trainwreck who somehow, over the course of drugs, decades, drunkenness, disease, human feces, ridiculous interpersonal antagonism, disrespect for others' property, insanity, and Mexicans, have managed to make two full-length albums of power-violence and friends.

We first heard that someone had the brilliant idea to make a documentary about them back during their 2008 East Coast Tour. That was the one where they made it through one and a half songs before completely falling apart the first night, accidentally mentioned using heroin during a radio interview the next day, I believe contracted some sort of odd jungle rash three or four days in, and finally pissed off the entire state of Massachussetts. We naturally figured that none of that footage would ever see the light of day, but now not only is Crom: All Hail Those Who Fail almost complete, there's a trailer which you are going to watch, right, now.

The guys are trying to wrangle up the last bits of archival footage for the project which should be done in late June, early July. We've got no idea how these guys are all still living.