The Making of 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'

We spoke with the film's director and special effects guy about what it takes to make a phenomenal film with little more than raw skill and determination. Watch our behind-the-scenes video and read an exclusive interview about how they made of those...

Benh Zeitlin belongs to a group of Wesleyan film kids who believe in making films that take them on terrific adventures. For him and his crew, dubbed Court 13 in honor of the campus squash court where they conducted their formative film experiments, making a film should be as much of a transformative experience for the people making it as it is for the audiences who will eventually watch it.

That’s why for their critically acclaimed breakout feature Beasts of the Southern Wild they travelled to the depths of Louisiana and set up their production in an abandoned convenience store out in the bayou, amid the swamps and mosquitoes and oppressive heat. Their hope was to make film that celebrates a place that’s seemingly uninhabitable, but one that people love so dearly that they refuse to leave their homes—no matter how dire the situation is.

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