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This morning, Oscars host Chris Rock hits out at Hollywood racism, Donald Trump declines to condemn the Ku Klux Klan, the UN will deliver aid to 150,000 Syrians, and more.

Donald Trump. Photo via Flickr user Gage Skidmore

US News

Trump Declines to Condemn KKK Leader
Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders have all attacked Donald Trump for refusing to condemn the Ku Klux Klan or white supremacist leader David Duke. Ted Cruz called it "really sad," while Bernie Sanders called Trump a "hatemonger." —CBS News

US Student Apologizes in North Korea
A US student arrested in North Korea has appeared on state media and apologized for trying to steal a propaganda banner from a hotel. Otto Warmbier, a student at the University of Virginia, said he was asked by his church group to bring back the "trophy." —CNN

Governor Knew About Flint Water Poisoning
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder could have declared a state of emergency over tainted drinking water in Flint months in October last year. Emails show Snyder knew about lead poisoning in Flint's water supply around October 1, but he did not declare an emergency until January 5. —Detroit Free Press

Salt Lake City Riot After Police Shooting
A small riot erupted in Salt Lake City after police shot a teenage boy, who reportedly was wielding a broomstick and trying to break up a fight outside a homeless shelter. A crowd gathered and began pelting the cops with rocks, bottles, and debris after the shooting. —VICE News

International News

UN to Deliver Aid to 150,000 Syrians
The UN is to use the partial ceasefire in Syria to make major aid deliveries to besieged towns. The truce, which began on Saturday, has defied expectations by holding, allowing the UN to hope it can deliver aid to around 150,000 Syrians over the next five days. —BBC News

Moderates Win Clerical Body in Iran
Iran's reforming moderates have won out over the country's hardliners, winning 59 percent of seats in the Assembly of Experts—the body choosing the nation's next supreme leader. The vote is seen as significant given that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is 76. —AP

Japan Charges Three Over Nuclear Disaster
Three former executives of the Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) company have become the first people to face criminal charges over the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The three men were charged with professional negligence resulting in injury and death. —Reuters

Pakistan Hangs Killer of Reforming Governor
Pakistan has hanged the assassin of Salman Taseer, the governor who sought to reform the country's strict blasphemy laws. Mumtaz Qadri—regarded as a hero by those who thought Taseer a blasphemer—was executed at a Rawalpindi prison for the 2011 killing. —Al Jazeera

Host Chris Rock hits out against Hollywood racism at the 88th Annual Academy Awards (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Everything Else

The Oscars: All You Need to Know
Chris Rock pulled no punches with his Oscars opening monologue, tackling the #SoWhiteOscars controversy head-on: "You're damn right Hollywood's racist," he said. Elsewhere last night, Leo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar for best actor, singer Sam Smith claimed to be the first openly gay man to win an Oscar (he isn't), and Lady Gaga sang alongside victims of sexual assault. —VICE

Corpse Found in French Airbnb Garden
A group of friends who rented a house in the Paris suburbs on Airbnb discovered the decomposing body of a woman in the garden. They canceled plans for their Saturday night party after finding the corpse in a shallow grave. —TIME

SpaceX Aborts Rocket Launch
SpaceX—Elon Musk's space technologies company—was forced to abort the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket for a third time. The decision was taken just two minutes before takeoff. —Gizmodo

The Most Right-Swiped Jobs on Tinder
For men, the jobs most likely right-swiped on Tinder are: pilot, doctor, entrepreneur, firefighter, and TV personality. "I'm surprised people would put up with us coming home in the middle of the night," says one doctor. —VICE

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