This Would-Be Mitt Romney Site Is So Boring

So why the fuck do I love it so much?

It’s strictly a personal opinion, of course, but fuck winning gracefully. Take a gander if you dare at some of the vile ooze seeping out from the right-wing of the internet post-Tuesday and tell me there isn’t a segment of America more worthy of being gloated upon. (Sadly, it’s rather difficult to emotionally separate the much larger well-meaning but severely deluded right-voting population from the aforelinked troglodytes. Try it.) In any case, in that ring-wing portion of the internet you may have accidentally stumbled upon the website of President Elect Mitt Romney, at least before it was taken down yesterday. Fortunately, Political Wire snagged us commies some screenshots to giggle about.

The URL was romney.solutionstreamcreative.com, with Solution Stream being the design company that did the site. According to the Huffington Post, the site took said design outfit a day and a half to whip up. I guess the site is ultimately pretty boring, much like the candidate. He does a pretty decent job chode-mugging and “The Inauguration” page is pretty choice, but I’ve seen and heard enough from this dude over the past two years that I could have designed and written this page myself. Hopefully someone tries to recreate the original elsewhere, just because it’d be an ace prank for one of Romney’s brood to make it their dad’s browser home-page.

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