Trouble is Throwing a Festival Inside a Huge Maze

Hey look! It's a big maze with some music people inside it!

Laura Paris and Sam Hillmer are hosting an international festival in a giant maze.

You already know what to expect at music festival, and it involves elbowing your way past a bunch of sweaty drunk guys to the front of the eight-dollar water line. Wouldn't it be nice to go to a festival where the line between audience and performer isn’t as clearly defined, and maybe you’re forced out of the typical comfort zone of how we’re trained to listen to live music?

Thankfully, the conceptual installation art duo of Sam Hillmer and Laura Paris (who operate as Trouble) have the answer. It’s called the You Are Here Festival, and starting July 12 it’s taking over Brooklyn’s Secret Project Robot Gallery every weekend for a month, and then again this September in Berlin. The kicker? The entire festival takes place in a life-size maze.

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