Another Trump Masterpiece Just Sold for Thousands of Dollars

Ah, yes, the famous Empire State Building.

by Drew Schwartz
Oct 20 2017, 9:25pm

Photo via Julien's Auctions

After his masterful depiction of the New York City skyline sold for $29,000 back in July, yet another piece from Donald Trump's oeuvre just raked in the big bucks, the Associated Press reports. His printer paper-sized sketch of the Empire State Building, penned in what looks like black Sharpie, went for a whopping $16,000 at an auction on Thursday. Behold:

It's a complicated, engaging piece, a patchwork of hastily scribbled lines and bold, misshapen rectangles. Is that the artist's signature off to the bottom right, or perhaps his imagining of a bustling city street? The whole thing almost looks more like a Franciscan monastery than a skyscraper, but hey: The guy didn't get where he is by making art. He got where he is by being the best at everything else, all the time.

Trump's piece originally sold for a measly $100 (sad!) back in 1995 to some plebe who may or may not have recognized its greatness—one of several items auctioned off at a Mar-a-Lago charity event. Now that Trump is, you know, the leader of the free world and all, the original buyer decided to sell the thing.

According to the AP, Julien's Auction's estimated it to sell for between $8,000 and $12,000, but an anonymous buyer shelled out a bit more to get his or her hands on the piece. A portion of the proceeds are going to a a Connecticut NPR station, an outlet Trump has shockingly only slammed on Twitter once, over its alleged use of the word "schlonged."

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