Drizly: Because No One Should Have to Leave the Party to Keep it Going

Here's to leaving the beer runs to the experts.

by Janie Boyton
Aug 14 2019, 1:20pm

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These days, when it comes to drinking alcohol, people seem to be pickier than ever. There are just so many options, whether they be natural wine varieties or flavors of spiked seltzer. With Drizly, you can peruse the inventory of a favorite wine shop, or search for a specific IPA in your zip code, or both: Drizly is large, contains multitudes, and lets you order from multiple places at once, satisfying every drinker's needs.

I’ve used it to buy last minute congratulatory champagne for a friend’s elopement, impromptu getting-ready prosecco in a swanky hotel room, and just so, so much rosé with just a few taps. A particular red wine for a visiting parent? Check. A limited edition Baileys flavor? Also check. Sometimes I just use Drizly to re-stock the bar at home, because bottles are heavy and life is short. You can also schedule a future delivery or choose ground shipping if you’re the kind of person who thinks ahead like that (who are you?).

Both the website and app interfaces are relatively straightforward; Drizly points out when you’re ordering from different stores (which might have different delivery minimums or times), and you can opt-in for texts letting you know the status of your libations at every step of the way. I used to complain that you couldn’t search by size—sometimes a girl just needs a magnum—but Drizly listened to their users and added volume, container, and pack size fields to their search parameters. The service is currently available in 25 states (and Alberta, Canada!) with more to come. Soon everyone will be free of the tyranny of the hotel minibar.

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