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This Guy's Star Wars Halloween Display Will Put Your Dad's to Shame

Here's one house you don't want to egg.
October 17, 2017, 10:15pm
Image courtesy of Matthew Chojnacki.

Halloween enthusiast Nick Meyer really put his neighbors to shame this year by transforming his front yard in Parma, Ohio, into a galaxy far, far away with a giant replica of an AT-AT tank from Star Wars, reports.

The towering sci-fi vehicle, which first made an appearance in the Empire Strikes Back, stands two-stories tall and has brought hordes of people to Meyer's house to snap photos to share on social media. Meyer, who told he's seen every Star Wars film, said he's spent weekends tinkering with foam, wood, and plastic barrels since April to finish the 19-foot-tall walker in time for his annual Halloween display.

"I just thought it would be neat to build a walker," he told "It's something unique."

Star Wars superfans have been known to construct the films' vehicles with everything from drones to hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks. Meyer's behemoth is similar to the totally tricked out AT-AT model British inventor and YouTube star Colin Furze built in his garden last December.

Although Meyer claims he's not a complete Star Wars nerd, it's safe to say he's pretty crazy about Halloween. With encouragement from his wife, Becky, Meyer has reportedly transformed his front yard for the past six or seven years into a pirate ship, a mausoleum, and the bloody cabin from Friday the 13th.

The sight of an AT-AT stomping through the neighborhood would strike fear in the heart of any true Rebel soldier—but it's still not as scary as this Trump supporter's "not racist in any way" approach to Halloween decór.