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An Interview with a Guy Who Hung Out with Drake for Two Hours Once

Only the most insightful interviews with the biggest guests for October's Very Owned.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 16 2017, 5:15pm

Since neither of the hosts of October's Very Owned have ever TECHNICALLY hung out with Drake, they invited someone on who has. Well, actually, he was hanging around in the office lobby and had some time to kill. Jonah Bayer is a Noisey contributor (he interviewed Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer about punk once), member of the band United Nations, and host of the podcast Going Off Track. He also shot this episode of his web series Sound Advice with Drake, which you may know as the source of the famous Shrugging Drake meme (P.S. for more on Drake Memes, please listen to our Drake Meme episode):

Naturally, we had many questions for Jonah, such as what Drake's comedic timing is like, how big his crew is, what he smells like, etc. Only the hardest hitting questions for the biggest guests for the world's only podcast about Drake!

Listen below or find us on Apple Podcasts. Join us next episode when we'll talk to a guy who sold Drake some pants at Marshall's.