Celebrate Missy Robbins' New Book with This Amazing Seafood Spaghetti

Celebrate Missy Robbins' New Book with This Amazing Seafood Spaghetti

Part cookbook and part autobiography, 'Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… Life' is a look at the many influences of Missy Robbins.
September 18, 2017, 7:00pm

In Missy Robbins's new book Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… Life, she writes about being a latecomer to the bivalve party.

"I grew up in a kosher home devoid of shellfish, so my love for pasta with clams started later in life," she writes, describing a light, seasonal pasta recipe that "screams summertime and makes me think of beach weekends spent shoving my face with steamers dipped in butter and lemon."

Part cookbook and part autobiography, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… Life is a look at all of Missy's influences, from her Jewish-American upbringing in New Haven to her travels to Italy and Asia to her groundbreaking Brooklyn hot spot Lilia.

When Missy visited our rooftop garden she riffed on this recipe and it was pretty obvious that she'd mastered the art of the clam pasta, despite her late exposure to it; this wasn't the Hoboken bro's spaghetti and clams.

RECIPE: Spaghetti with Clams & Summer Herbs

In keeping with her philosophy of her new book and Lilia, Robbins made the most of seasonal ingredients like garlic scapes, fennel fronds, dill flower, and mustard flower. It's the perfect dish to make while you wait for your new copy of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… Life to arrive in the mail.