Jay Cutler Still Doesn't Give a Shit About that Wildcat Play

The man stood absolutely still during the play. When asked about it today, he said "I feel like I executed that one."

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Oct 4 2017, 8:54pm

Photo by Steven Flynn—USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler took a lot of heat for looking nowhere close to alive while playing wide on a Wildcat formation against the Saints on Sunday. The whole point of the formation is to create confusion, and force the defense to stick a guy on the quarterback who almost surely is not going to do anything. Usually the QB at least acts like he is involved in the play, though. And then there's Jay Cutler.

Hands-on-hips, staring down at the ground, about five yards off the line of scrimmage. Hell, even Bernini sculptures have more movement to them.

Cutler already took some shit in the preseason for throttling his apathy during his first press conference with the Dolphins, as he looked like a recent divorcee at parent-teacher night:

Anyway, the press wouldn't let Cutler off the hook so easy after Sunday's showing, and so they decided to quiz his head coach Adam Gase on why he was looking so glum. Per the Miami Herald:

"As soon as he steps forward they can knock the … I won't say it. They can hit him," Gase said. "If he steps back or doesn't move, now you're looking at a different kind of penalty."

But what about the quarterback's posture? His body language?

Was that a concern?

"No," Gase said. "You guys worry about a lot more things than I do."

And then, to show you that Gase and Cutler were on the same page—just to give you an idea of the kind of group-think going on in Miami—Cutler's answer was as follows:

Play: executed. To the T.