This Twitter Bot Reposts YouTube Intros, Existential Darkness

@MyNewIntro is a drip feed of absurdity from YouTube’s deepest cracks.

by Jordan Mallory
Sep 29 2017, 2:00pm


Making a good first impression is extremely important, and the dedicated content creators/children of YouTube understand this. They also understand the primeval forces driving our universe on a deep, perhaps upsetting level, and have used this dark knowledge to make channel bumpers for their vlogs.

@MyNewIntro is here to show you this surrealist quag, should you succumb to the call of the wild. It automatically posts videos appearing in a YouTube search for "my new intro," which is the standard title for this particular YouTube custom. The results vary wildly in terms of content, technical proficiency and coherency, forming a delirious sort of video potpourri.

There's a sturdy foundation of the sorts of channel intros you'd expect: Grand Theft Auto 5 clips set to EDM, Minecraft machinima, that sort of thing. Dig deeper though, and YouTube's surreal wunderkind begin to reveal themselves. This intro, for instance, prompts the viewer to "subscribe now for lettest [sic] png and backgrounds," while 3D cogs work in a blank void. It is impossible to decipher what this could mean.

Meanwhile, this video seems to have achieved some kind of fugue state; a womb-like nullification of all sensory input. Does it have a purpose? Does it seek to communicate an idea, or perhaps the absence of one? Have you ever seen a child deliver a punishing elbow drop upon a Luigi?

There is a well here, and it is deep.