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Weekly Horoscope: July 15 - 21

This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn.

by Randon Rosenbohm
Jul 15 2019, 10:00am

Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone

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This week we can realize when we’re being too forceful and when we should really ease up on our grip. This Tuesday, the full moon eclipse in Capricorn is next to Pluto, which I relate to Gollum from Lord of the Rings: Pluto is the planet that corresponds with obsession and jealousy, clinging to legacy and power, and not being able to share with anyone else. It’s greedy as hell! Eclipses correspond with fated events and irreversible changes. The energy of any eclipse is a force of nature. With the full moon meeting Pluto, the planet of the underworld, we sit with dark, Plutonian themes like possessiveness and the taboo. We get a powerful glimpse of fate and understand the greater, subliminal patterns of power at work in the world.

While Pluto in Capricorn wants to seize the ring of power and authority, Venus in Cancer wants to feed their loved ones everything in the kitchen—another approach to authority. Since Venus is facing off with strict Saturn and dark Pluto while harmonizing with nebulous Neptune, we can evaluate the ways we say no while still taking someone else’s feelings into consideration. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Saying no can be an act of kindness—it’s tough love!

The planet of love and pleasure, Venus, faces off with structural Saturn on Wednesday. This requires a balance between our need to be taken care of and our responsibilities. Be realistic about your time constraints: Evaluate what works, practically, in your relationships. People can see the world from a glass-half-full perspective, but this transit is helpful in understanding how you and others can work better together.

Venus also faces off with the planet of secrets, Pluto, on Sunday and compromises must be made in order to re-evaluate our dark-sided feelings. Relationships are intensified and manipulation can present itself. Stay on your toes, don’t try to control everything, and treat everyone with respect—including yourself!

There is a romantic, whimsical element at play that can help ease this intense and brooding energy: Venus connects with mystical Neptune on Thursday, encouraging us to escape the drudgery of responsibility through emotional connection. This can be a saving grace that allows us to empathize with others, and to understand where they’re coming from instead of trying to force our agenda on to unwilling people. Override the need to control others by putting yourself in their shoes.

Mercury retrogrades into Cancer on Friday, where it will retrace its watery points from the end of June, around June 26 to be exact. Conversations or things you thought were already taken care of will come back around for you to re-do and perfect. Mercury retrograde is actually great—sit back and enjoy the extra time it gives you! Accept when things are out of your control and watch your life get way easier.

The sun meets retrograde Mercury on Sunday, bringing a moment of clarity during a time that’s typically confusing and hard to pin down. If you believe everything happens for a reason, then Mercury’s meeting with the sun will bring a greater truth about the direction you’re headed and the ways you should revise your schedule to make space for your purpose.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Tuesday’s full moon eclipse in Capricorn has major implications for your relationships. Intense, deep emotions about the relationship patterns you fall into are brought to the surface as the moon meets Pluto, the planet of secrets. The dark side of relationships is more approachable. This aspect can bring an attraction to dangerous situations and shady people, so keep your wits about you and know how to stand up for yourself. It’s not mean or rude to tell someone no—do it with a smile on your face, and repeat yourself if necessary. Venus faces off with stern Saturn and intense Pluto, asking that you draw the line somewhere. The planet of communication, Mercury, moves back into your sign and meets the sun, helping you realize the new direction you want to head in, and the best way for you to share your message.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Although this year’s eclipses are less obnoxious for you than last year’s, you’re sensitive to eclipses since your planetary ruler, the Sun, is always involved. Tuesday’s full moon eclipse in Capricorn meets power planet Pluto, bringing heavy truths about your health and routines. Be honest with yourself about the amount of tasks you can handle on any given day. Try to understand why you’re committing to things, and whether it’s really what you want to be spending your precious time doing. A good litmus test is to check in with your mind during quiet meditation to see how you’re feeling, emotionally and mentally, about the ways you structure your day-to-day activities. Take a break as Mercury retrogrades into Cancer, your house of isolation on Sunday, practically begging you to take a vacation!


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Tuesday’s full moon eclipse falls in your house of sex, dating, close friendships, children, or creativity—it all depends on the special type of Virgo you are! Your friendships and dating life are emphasized and the planet of love, Venus, faces off with the planet of boundaries, Saturn, helping you reconsider the ways you commit to your politics. As the full moon touches the intense planet of secrets, Pluto, there is an ability to get in touch with your deepest emotions concerning the things that make you happiest, strengthening your understanding of the type of sex, fun, or creative expression that makes you feel supported. Secrets about your inner circle are revealed, but be wary of manipulation—both Pluto and Neptune like to spin the truth. Gossip is conspiratorial. Luckily, your ruling planet Mercury meets the sun on Sunday, bringing clarity and revision to your subjective truth.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Big breakthroughs about your home life come with Tuesday’s full moon eclipse. You have powerful feelings about your home and family, and the things you’re realizing now will shape the way you move forward! Pay close attention to your feelings about your domestic life—they come from a deep place, so take time to trace your emotions to an ancestral source. The eclipse meets with power planet Pluto, making emotions seem unscalable, but all things pass. It’s an indoors, out-of-the-limelight type of vibe, and you’ll have lots of energy and insight to put toward your personal life. As your planetary ruler Venus faces off with intense Pluto and taskmaster Saturn, it’s time for you to address your career from a place of practicality. Get creative with your workflow as Venus harmonizes with mystical Neptune.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

This full moon eclipse puts you deep inside your own thoughts and feelings. As the full moon meets conspiratorial Pluto and Venus, the planet of values, harmonizes with nebulous Neptune, it can be hard to put your finger on the truth. You can be attracted to theories that blow things out of proportion or are warped and twisted! Put intense, soul-seeking pursuits of finding answers to life’s mysteries to more artistic and interpretive use rather than manipulating others and forcing your agenda. It’s a very creative time for you, and you can dive deep into the rabbit hole of research and creative production—but it’s important to take things with a grain of salt, especially when the astrological spin doctors are involved. Or, use these spin doctors to your advantage and create a powerful artistic masterpiece.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

Tuesday’s full moon eclipse in Capricorn pushes you to get real and practical about your finances, Sag. As the full moon illuminates your house of material resources, it also touches power planet Pluto. Some astrologers relate Pluto to a deep well of money, a great fortune—whether this is a net positive or negative is subjective. Eclipses provide flashes of insight, and Pluto also represents secrets, so there can be a reveal of something that’s impossible to unsee, something that propels you forward and determines the way things are going to be from now on! It’s best to approach money matters from a place of practical compromise as money planet Venus faces off with strict Saturn and powerful Pluto. The truth about other people’s possessions jumps out as messenger Mercury meets the sun on Sunday.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Maybe you’ve heard that there’s a full moon eclipse in your sign, Capricorn, on Tuesday. You have a lot of big ideas about the person you want to be and the power you want to have as the full moon meets power planet Pluto, giving you the upper hand. Use your power for good, Cap. Pluto can be manipulative, jealous, or greedy—be grateful for everything that you have and understand the reasons you want more. When it comes to Pluto, there never seems to be enough, but as soon as you stop pushing you own agenda so hard, things come easily. It’s a big week for your relationships as you’re evaluating your responsibility toward others and making compromises and revisions to the way you structure your shared time.


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

The full moon eclipse in Capricorn brings deep, hidden emotions to the surface. There is something stirring deep inside, but it can be hard to put your finger on without enough time and space to yourself. Take some time alone to listen to your thoughts and deepen your relationship with yourself. For Aquarius and Aquarius rising, the Cancer-Capricorn axis signifies your mind-body connection—as well as your work and volunteer gigs. As Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer, you’re going to be hearing the truth about your job, schedule, or health—things that matter to you on a day-to-day basis. It’s time to understand what to prioritize for your overall wellbeing and future prosperity.


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

The eclipses this year have been affecting your social life, Pisces, and there is a full moon eclipse on Tuesday that brings community drama to a head! This eclipse is sitting on top of power planet Pluto, so secrets about someone in the scene can come up. Pluto is a master manipulator and Venus will be in cahoots with nebulous Neptune, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Once Mercury retrogrades back into your house of dating, bringing old friends and dates into your inbox, you’ll know what the truth is! Steer clear of people who boss you around or make you feel small—stick up for yourself. When Venus faces off with Pluto, it can make power dynamics with your friends catty. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

Tuesday’s full moon lunar eclipse illuminates the top of your chart, showing you how far you’ve come and your highest achievements. You have feelings about this, of course, and receive flashes of emotional insight about what to do with all this power. This eclipse is sitting with power planet Pluto, which gives you a wealth of authority. It’s up to you to determine how you can share this visibility in a way that supports your family and private life. The planet of love and money, Venus, faces off with strict Saturn and Pluto, encouraging you to reevaluate the ways you structure your life to get more organized and find enough time to both relax and reach the top of the ladder. Mercury retrogrades into Cancer on Sunday, putting you in touch with your innermost thoughts.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

Tuesday’s full moon lunar eclipse illuminates your house of distant travels and beliefs. Eclipses bring flashes of insight, a glimpse into your destiny. As the full moon meets power planet Pluto, there are deep realizations about what you believe in and stand for, and how this will shape your life moving forward. Your planetary ruler Venus faces off with strict Saturn the following day, making it hard to communicate everything that you feel. There are some roadblocks, but it’s best to take a practical approach whenever Saturn is involved. As Venus connects with mystical Neptune, socializing and partying can transport you to another whimsical world, so have fun and take your sense of humor with you. People are going through it and you can help lighten the mood with your caring attitude.


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

The full moon eclipse lights up your house of transformation, bringing clarity to your feelings about change and the things you’re still holding onto. This full moon touches Pluto, a planet representative of a behavioral loop. Eclipses are times for powerful realizations about the person you want to become, and this one is no exception. It will take time to transform into your ideal butterfly self, and this full moon is in Capricorn, which accumulates resources over great stretches of time—but at least you have a strong feeling about who that person is, and what you need in order to feel secure. It’s OK to tell people what you need, but you may hit some roadblocks and detours first. Have patience.

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