21 Party Appetizers Because Food Tastes Better When It's Bite-Sized

It ain't a party without finger food.

by Munchies Staff
Feb 20 2018, 8:38pm

Photo by Heami Lee.

Maybe you’re hosting the whole family at your place for the first time this Christmas. Or maybe you are schlepping to your aunt’s house a few states over and were asked to contribute a dish. Or maybe you’re having a chill gathering of friends who are stuck in a place that is not their hometown, too far away from their families or too broke to travel. Basically, between now and the end of the year, you're bound to attend at least one gathering that requires finger food. So we rounded up all of our favorite party appetizer recipes from the MUNCHIES archives to make sure that no matter what you're celebrating, the party will get off to a good start with some seriously delicious apps. So cue up your holiday jams playlist, flick on the twinkle lights, and get festive.

Homemade pizza bagel bites tell your friends and family “I am adult enough to make these from scratch, but I’m still a child at heart.”

Maybe you just want to serve dips on dips on dips! Go all out and fry up your own potato chips to take the crown as ultimate host or hostess.

There are so many different kinds of cheese in this dip, you might not have even noticed the artichokes if we hadn’t brought it up. (We’ve also got a vegan version that’s pretty awesome, too.)

Serve this puppy up in a clear glass trifle bowl for the ultimate Instagrammable presentation.

There are plenty of snack foods that are perfectly serviceable when you buy them frozen or jarred. Homemade, genuine Texas-style queso is one of those things that is so much better if you make it yourself. Don’t deny yourself the joy of this dip.

This is basically a crab cake in dip form, made easier for consuming while mixing and mingling with your guests.

You thought we were joking about “dips on dips on dips?” Nah. It’s not a holiday party if your coffee table isn’t covered in bowls and bowls of dips. Get scooping.

Transport yourself to a Swiss ski chalet with a classic kirsch-infused fondue.

Kill two party snack birds with one stone here and heap pizza toppings on your nachos. When the hot button political opinions start flying, this is snack diplomacy—everyone agrees on pizza and nachos.

This recipe yields 22 mini-burgers, but we’ll let you decide how many full-size burgers that equates to. Eat to your heart’s content.

Why is it so satisfying to eat another bar snack out of a potato skin? Answer is unclear, but don’t dwell on that right now. Make a heaping tray of these and get your beer ready.

Like tiny, meaty hushpuppies, these bitterballen are the perfect two-bite portion size for easy pre-dinner snack.

You can’t circulate and mingle at a party with a bowl of soup in your hands, but we made those flavors portable with these mini savory bread puddings.

There is not much of a better flavor combo than salty sopresatta and fried sage. Wrapped around a little artichoke heart and garnished with lemon and parmesan, these little bites make for an elegant appetizer.

Serve these chickpea fritters with a cucumber-herb raita for the perfect dipping situation.

Not a sliders person? How about a mini lamb gyro instead?

Serve leftovers to your party guests? Who would dare to do such a thing??? Julia Turshen would, and she says if you’ve got leftover salmon lying around, this is the best way to repurpose it. Get it exactly right by watching her demo it here.

Stick a toothpick in these babies and you’ve got an easy appetizer sorted fast.

A classic British bar snack that also makes for an ideal appetizer.

This Italian American favorite is always a crowd pleaser.

Do appetizers the Spanish way, with these simple red pepper and anchovy pinxtos. With so few ingredients, be sure to get the best quality peppers, anchovies, and olive oil you can find.