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This Mod Turns 'Doom 2' Into 'Diablo II'

‘Doom’ gets the RPG treatment.

by Matthew Gault
Aug 18 2017, 3:53pm

Immagine: DolloM

First person shooters are great, but sometimes you want to pull back and get a wider view of the action. Inventive YouTuber DoIIoM has given Doom II fans that chance with a tech demo for Doomiablo, a mashup between Doom II and Diablo II.

PC Gamer discovered the mod, which gives players an isometric view of Doomguy running through Diablo-style corridors. The level design may be Diablo, but the sound and sprites are pure Doom. DolloM seems to have pulled the assets directly from Doom II and miniaturized them for Diablo's world.

Even better, there's loot. DolloM's video shows a Diablo-style inventory where Doomguy switched out armor, compared different rifles with different stats, and collected gold. The video even teased multiplayer. This is just a tech demo and it's all subject to change, but the thought of playing Doom as an action RPG fills me with nostalgic glee.

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