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Listen to Widowspeak’s Beautiful Piece of Melancholic Yearning

The New York band is set to release their fourth album August 25.

by Noisey Staff
Aug 15 2017, 7:17pm

 Kyle Jacques 

Led by the ambrosial voice of Molly Hamilton, Widowspeak produce the kind of swoony but robust dream pop that has us thinking about park drinking on late autumn afternoons. Those moments when the sun hits the honied leaves and becomes as warm as the whiskey.

The band's fourth album Expect the Best was written while Hamilton was living in Tacoma, Washington after previous stints in upstate New York and Brooklyn, and delivers a sound that is sophisticated but also kind of rustic.

"The Dream," a new track lifted from the album takes in elements of 70s folk pop and 90s alt rock, has Hamilton singing about greener grasses and a yearning for new places and faces. Take a listen below.

'Expect the Best' is available August 25 from Captured Tracks/Remote Control.

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