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Here’s How You Can Help Survivors of Tropical Storm Harvey

The storm brought catastrophic flooding to southern Texas and it's not letting up anytime soon.

by Impact Staff
Aug 30 2017, 2:00pm

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Updated August 30 with additional organizations, storm updates.

Tropical Storm Harvey is wreaking havoc along the coast of Texas, and now Louisiana after a second landfall. Torrential rains have caused life-threatening flooding in the city of Houston and neighboring areas like Port Arthur, Texas where the mayor remarked that "our whole city is underwater right now." The National Weather Service announced via Twitter that "this event is unprecedented [and] all impacts are unknown [and] beyond anything experienced."

Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that some areas have already been hit with 20 inches of rainfall and that number is expected to rise. According to FEMA, Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to drive 30,000 people to take up residency in shelters, many of whom will have lost all of their possessions due to flooding. There are few ways you can immediately help out those in danger by supporting these organizations that have already dispatched relief efforts to help affected communities.


  • Galveston County Food Bank: The pantry functions as a storage and distribution center to feed people most in need of help, and will be a refuge for victims of the storm in need of food. One dollar is enough to provide 3 meals.
  • Another Gulf: Social justice gulf transition collaborative.
  • Muslims for Humanity: ICNA Relief also known as Muslims for Humanity is a charitable non-profit that has committed to aid residents of Southern Texas after the devastation created by Tropical Storm Harvey.
  • Montrose Center: LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Houston Humane Society: Taking general donations while it continues to care for its residents.


  • The American Red Cross: A national volunteer organization facilitating local efforts to aid victims of natural disasters. To donate $10 text HARVEY to 90999.
  • National Nurses United: This national union is dispatching registered nurses across the state.


  • Airbnb is waving services fees by those affected by Harvey.
  • Gofundme rundown of Harvey relief efforts.

  • J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans: YouCaring has a fund-raising pageset up by J. J. Watt of the Houston Texans with a goal of $3 million, and has raised upwards of $5 million to date.
  • Kevin Hart: Instagram Campaign + Crowdrise
  • Jensen Ackles: Actor and Texas native J is raising money via Crowdrise in collaboration with his Supernatural co-star Misha Collins' charity, Random Acts.

Don't get scammed:

  • Use these resources to ensure your contributions are going to the right place.

Stay up to date on the latest info on social media with hashtag #Harvey and other ways to help.

And consider what your city or town's leadership is doing to fight climate change, which scientists say is a cause of this type of destructive weather. The Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign encourages mayors to stop using fossil fuel energy and switch to renewables, which will reduce the effects of climate change. Get your mayor to join more than 25 cities in committing to renewable power sources and protecting the planet from future superstorms.

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