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Little Junior's "Crybaby" Video Is a Tantrum for the Brat in All of Us

"I want to destroy my reputation." Extremely same.

by Phil Witmer
Jun 21 2017, 3:45pm

No matter how popping you become, a part of you will yearn for when there was little responsibility in your life and you could just basically be a big, dumb kid. Toronto power-poppers Little Junior have tapped into this unique sense of rage and frustration in their new, hilarious video for "Crybaby." Featuring singer Rane throwing whiny fits in a ball pit while screaming the song's refrain of "I WANT TO DESTROY MY REPUTATION" over and over again, you will feel cleansed after watching it. (Full disclosure: VICE employee Max Parr directed the video).

"People can be shitty, mean, or just plain boring, and sometimes it's easier to embrace your inner brat than to try to get along," the band told Noisey in a statement. Watch the "Crybaby" video above.

Phil is also a child on Twitter.

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