Here's the Black Flag Fidget Spinner You Never Knew You Needed

You can also get Kendrick, Justin Bieber, Crass, and Discharge versions of the toy.
June 19, 2017, 1:35pm

We've got our finger on the pulse here at youth music blogging site Noisey, and we know exactly what you, our millennial readers, want. Thus—here is an article about fidget spinners:

We're sure you'll have heard of ''fidget spinners," the plastic toys which people initially got into to be ironic but have now turned into an actual craze, kind of like vaping but not terrible for your health and also still sort of funny. But did you know that you can now buy a Black Flag fidget spinner? Yeah, that was the sound of things going from 0-100 real quick.

Described as "Black Flag Fidget Spinner Fingertip Gyro Stress Reducer Relieves Toy," the Black Flag fidget spinner is listed on Amazon by a company called EasyGoLife. Selling points include "Mini and easy to take," and "Helpful for reducing stress and killing time." I'd also like to add: cool as fucking fuck. Look at that bronzed plastic.

If Black Flag aren't your bag, however, not to worry. You can also buy fidget spinners showing your fandom of musicians from a full spectrum of acts: from Crass to Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber to Discharge, your novelty merchandise needs are covered. I, personally, am fond of this Alkaline Trio number.

It appears, then, that fidget spinners—the meme of the summer, for better or worse – aren't going anywhere. And with the publicity they've been getting, the Black Flag versions might soon be out of stock: maybe you should *looks to camera* buy a Six Pack???

Lauren would love to be sent a Black Flag fidget spinner (or indeed, any 80s hardcore fidget spinners) if any PRs are reading. Follow her on Twitter.

(Image via EasyGoLife on Amazon)