JPEGMAFIA Covers The Backstreet Boys, Announces Tour, Still Rules

The Reverse Christopher Columbus Tour kicks off in North America this August.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jul 10 2018, 3:01pm

JPEGMAFIA's Veteran is still one of my favorite albums so far this year, a glitchy, wild mini-opus that crawled out of the internet's deepest recesses armed with fantasies about Morrissey's death. He's put another single out since then as well, the Heno.-featuring "Does This Ski Mask Make Me Look Fat," a twisted, slow-jammed anti-anti-revolutionary anthem. Now, true to form, he's back with a fucking Backstreet Boys cover. Sort of. "Millennium Freestyle" has him crooning romantically through the intro before barking that you can't have his master tapes, then looping back on himself to contort the chorus of "I Want It That Way."

This is his way of announcing The Reverse Christopher Columbus Tour. "I’m going around the world regentrifying every city, one by one," he wrote on Twitter. It'll kick off in Vancouver, BC, in late August, running through the US before coming over to Europe at the end of October. Check out all the dates below.

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