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This Artist Transforms Wieners into Famous Hot Dog Humans

Food stylist Erik Vernieuwe spends way too much time cutting up hot dogs, but we love it.

by Beckett Mufson
Jul 4 2017, 12:15pm

Images courtesy the artist

If these wieners look familiar, it's because Belgian food stylist Erik Vernieuwe is obsessed with turning them into the most famous faces on the planet. In the digital pages of his Burp Zine, classic artworks and movie scenes become delectable edibles under the trained pasty chef, food historian, and recipe tester's careful gaze. A work is complete when Vernieuwe gives it a punny name like Wiener de Milo or Robodog. "It's becoming a bit of an obsession," he tells Creators. "I see something and think, 'Can I turn this into a hot dog?'"

Vernieuwe works with his husband, photographer Kris De Smedt, both professionally and when they play with their food. A fashion photographer in their hometown of Antwerp, De Smedt turns Vernieuwe's pun-filled creations into sleek, Instagram-worthy images. "His way of looking at things and how he sees light and color really works for the kind of food pictures we do together," Vernieuwe says. They often collaborate on "stupid things" between gigs because, as Vernieuwe puts it, he gets bored really easily.

Burp Zine is their longest-running "stupid thing" so far, perhaps because it's unabashedly dumb and playful. "It's just for fun. No depth to it whatsoever," Vernieuwe says proudly. Check out his handiwork below.

Takashi Murakami Hot Dog. With Sauce.
Hot Dog Was Here
The Persistence of Wienery
Dogs Obsession (Yayoi Kusama)
Hot Dog with a Pearl Onion Earring (Johannes Vermeer)
Sue Ellen Ewienering mugshot
Wiener de Milo
Wiener Swan (Jeff Koons)
Hot Dog at Tiffany's
Wiener Is Coming
Dogt Punk
"The hills are alive with the sound of wieners."

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