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Bloggers, Rejoice: Gage Skidmore Is at CPAC

America's favorite Creative Commons photographer is attending the year's most concentrated gathering of Republican politicians, ensuring the media will be able to properly illustrate their blogs.

by Jason Koebler
Feb 23 2018, 10:13pm

As the Conservative Political Action Conference approached this year, I had one major worry. Perhaps, I thought, Gage Skidmore wouldn't be there.

Maybe you don't know Gage, but you probably know his work. He's one of the most prolific Creative Commons photographers out there, meaning his photos have illustrated thousands of news stories and blogs in every major publication, including this one. Gage takes photos at Comic-Con, on the campaign trail, and, most importantly, at CPAC.

With photo budgets slashed all throughout media, it's tough for most publications to be everywhere—and yet Gage manages to somehow be a one-man photo library. Motherboard has used his photos at least 24 times in the last two years; he's gained a cult following among journalists, and his photos are of high quality. He even has a Wikipedia page.

My hope was that Gage would attend CPAC, and that finally we'd get a decent Creative Commons photo of Ajit Pai. Maybe even one of him being awarded a gun by the NRA. After DMing with Gage on Twitter, my fears were recently assuaged, and my hopes soared: