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Kanye West Loves 'Rick and Morty,' Which Makes So Much Sense

"I've seen every episode at least five times each."

by Staff Noisey
May 10 2018, 9:35pm

With all of Kanye West's recent tweets about reactionary, free-thinking politics and sidling up to right-wing internet shitheads, it seemed like the next natural step in his transformation into full-on Redditor was becoming a Rick and Morty fan, and well, here we are. Kanye took a break from palling around with the employees of noted pro-adult-diaper organization Turning Point USA today to post his excitement about the cartoon's 70-episode extension announcement:

Wait a minute. This all makes sense. Of course Kanye is a Szechuan Boy. The clues were there all along, right on his gibberish-heavy new song "Lift Yourself." "Poopity scoop?" What is that, really, but another way of saying "Wubba lubba dub dub"? Kanye, are you in fact in great pain? Is Charlie Kirk forcing you to wear a diaper? Let us know.

Side note: Kanye should sample "Get Schwifty" on his next album.

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