Yelp Drama Ensues After Restaurant Owner Posts R. Kelly's Bail

As of this morning, Yelp has deleted several negative reviews of Love on the Blu.
February 28, 2019, 3:30pm
r kelly after being released on bail

Until yesterday, Chicago-area restaurant Love on the Blu was known for its flavored French toasts, which you could order in flights. Though diners dinged points for service, they seemed to like Love on the Blu’s pancakes, turkey sausage, and its music, which might have include a tune or two by the notorious local figure R. Kelly. Since yesterday, however, Love on the Blu’s reviews have been nothing but negative after it came to light that its owner is the reason why R. Kelly was able to leave jail and go straight to the McDonald’s where he allegedly used to pick up girls.

This past Friday, Kelly was charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, after decades of allegations of misconduct with underage girls. A judge set bail at $1 million, with a 10 percent payment needed for Kelly to go free. But as Kelly’s lawyer said in a statement, a series of bad deals and mismanagement left the singer lacking funds. On Monday, Kelly was released from prison after a “friend” of the singer’s posted bail.

That woman was quickly identified as Valencia Love of Love on the Blu. (Other publications have alleged that Love also owns a daycare called Lordanchild Christian Day Care; a representative from the daycare told the Blast that Love was a secretary there years ago, but not anymore.)

In a phone conversation with Tia Ewing, a reporter on FOX32, Love reportedly said that Kelly is “not a monster,” and repeatedly suggested that law enforcement focus on abusive priests instead of Kelly. Love added that Kelly was “going to get out regardless,” and that the money was not hers, though she wouldn’t tell Ewing whose it was.

Despite Love’s claims, plenty of people don’t want the money from their omelettes and coffees going toward a man who has allegedly taped himself having sex with underage girls. Users on Twitter have made calls to “shut her down.” Now, as reported by the Blast, people are taking to Yelp to make sure potential Love on the Blu diners know what their Sunday brunches are supporting.

Screenshots via Yelp.

“Will not support a business owner that supports a well known pedophile,” wrote an Illinois local. “I really don't need to frequent a restaurant whose owner is OK with bailing out R Kelly. Let him buy your damn food and pay for bills from here on out. Bad, bad move, lady,” wrote a user from Kansas. (All of this has been met with controversy, of course, from fans who remain loyal despite Kelly’s ongoing allegations.)

As of this morning, all of the reviews posted on Yelp yesterday appear to have been removed. Love on the Blu's page still carries a disclaimer that says, “This business is being monitored by Yelp's Support team for content related to media reports.”

Personally, I’ll pass on those pancakes, even if they’re hot and fresh out the kitchen.