Tierra Whack's New Song Is a Middle Finger to Only Children

Tierra Whack's first single following 'Whack World' is longer than a minute. Rejoice!
February 19, 2019, 6:12pm
Tierra Whack
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Last year when Tierra Whack released Whack World, the Philly rapper gave us whatever flavor we could want. There was a country song, a trap song, and even a song about nutrition, but despite the options, we were craving more. The 15-track album was only 15 minutes long! Now, the rapper is releasing "Only Child," her first single since her debut last May, and we're just happy it's four times as long as your favorite track on Whack World.

At the start of the song, Whack has a bone to pick. "You must be the only child / Because you're so stingy," she sings. The former Philadelphia battle rapper is sick of the only child in her life who doesn't want to share. We've all been there. Whack's understandably fed up, but instead of blowing up in their face offers a prayer instead. "It's not your fault, it's how you were raised," she sings, playing it more mature than many of us would. The final minute finds Whack trading her slowed vocals for the eccentric fast-paced flow she's made her own. "Used to arch my back for you and now you my arch nemesis," she raps. Released a month after J. Cole's "Middle Child," it's strange how obsessed rappers are getting with birth order, huh?

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