There Is Definitely a Hidden Dick in This Avengers Poster, Right?

Come on, that's a wang.

by River Donaghey
Mar 23 2018, 5:37pm

This week, Disney announced new plans to add superhero-themed Marvel lands to three of its theme parks in California, Paris, and Hong Kong. In honor of the upcoming, superhero-themed Disneyland additions, Disney released a trio of posters featuring a bunch of Marvel characters. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right?

Well, sort of. The posters were all pretty basic and unassuming, featuring Spider-Man and Black Panther and whoever to tease the new park sections, but one piece of the Hong Kong Disneyland poster seems slightly out of place—namely, the big building shaped exactly like a giant wang.

There it is, in the center—tucked into the Avengers logo between Captain America and Wasp. What's that? Too small to accurately judge the building's dickishness? No problem. Let's enhance:

Ah, much better. There's no denying its peen likeness now—the long, straight shaft; the curved head; the bulbous tip. That's a dong, people.

Now, to be fair, a lot of buildings can wind up looking pretty phallic. The Washington Monument is basically a giant tribute to our first president's junk, Toronto's CN Tower looks like a pointy needle dick, and, speaking of needles, the Space Needle can start looking pretty cockish if you squint at it right. But those buildings all at least attempt to be a little stylized. The Avengers dick building doesn't even try to hide its true peen nature.

As Orlando Weekly points out, the building looks just like the Stark Tower featured in the Star Tours–style Iron Man Experience ride currently open at the Hong Kong park. But even if it is, the question remains: Why design a version of Stark Tower that looks like a massive metal peen in the first place? And did no one glance at the poster at any point and say, "Hey guys, maybe I'm just a perv or whatever, but doesn't this look kinda-sorta-exactly like a giant dong?"

Or maybe they did! Maybe that was the point all along! People have been accusing Disney of slipping secret wangs into works for ages now, from the alleged hidden penis on the Little Mermaid cover to the dickhead guy in Hercules. And Woody from Toy Story? Come on. Woody? WOODY? If this poster is another secret attempt at hiding a dong in plain sight, bravo.

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